Longer endurance, more intelligence

The take-off weight of Thunderbird-V480 

The gas-electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV is 30 kg. The drone system has high reliability and convenient operation. Adopting High aspect ratio wing and blended wing body layout; Equipped with automatic take-off and VTOL system, and equipped with high-precision and stable photoelectric platform, the UAV has the characteristics of fully autonomous operation, providing users with more convenient and reliable control, more flexible application and more simplified training requirements for operators. After flight aerial test, the system will be applied to aerial photogrammetry, disaster monitoring and assessment, emergency monitoring, forest fire prevention and urban fire prevention, land resources investigation and other fields. The endurance index of the gas-electric hybrid VTOL uav ranks first, reaching more than 10 hours.

The take-off weight of V480 is 26kg, adopting large aspect ratio wingspan and high lift-drag ratio and excellent aerodynamic performance of the airfoil, wingspan up to 4.8m; Adopting the compound mode of four axis rotor and fixed wing to solve the demand of special environment and special situation. The tail fin adopts the inverted V tail layout which shares the structure with the vertical take-off and landing support rod. The fuselage has three equipment bays (0.45m×0.23m×0.18m) : front load bays, airborne equipment bays and main load bays, which can be customized by users. The multi-position redundancy design greatly improves the safety during flight. The fuselage and wingspans are arranged in a blended wing body layout , which reduces the resistance of the system during cruising.

The Thunderbird V480 uses a gas-electric hybrid mode. The energy management system, designed for VTOL UAVs, helps achieve endurance of more than 10h and multiple hover in the air. The energy management system can make full use of the battery equipped with the UAV system and make the power distribution more reasonable. The system also provides a few minutes of emergency landing time if the main battery fails, making the operation safer and more reliable.

The whole drone has no tool disassembly design, which can realize quick installation and disassembly in three minutes by one person. The five power devices of the whole aircraft can be equipped with an active stopping mechanism, so that the propeller can be fixed at a low resistance position in the non-working state, and the damage of the power propeller can be avoided in the operation process of the UAV. During the flight, there are voltage low, abnormal attitude, abnormal altitude, and integrated navigation system landing nearby.

Professional multi-spectral/hyperspectral camera and digital camera with special attitude stabilization head, can effectively control the image attitude, make it within the allowable error of aerial survey; It can be equipped with a special photoelectric stability control platform, which can stabilize the camera at any desired position for continuous video surveillance box target tracking and recognition.

Payload: 3~9kg
Excellent wind residence

Endurance: 8-10h
Excellent flight quality

Mount: Dual-pod LIDAR
Flexible payload layout installation

Taking-off weight:23-29kg
Standard configuration vertical take-off motor

Flight speed: 23-40m/s
Whole set quick-assembly and disassembly Connection structure

Range: 270-1080km
Lightweight and high-strength material

Dimension: 4.8×2.1×0.6m