Longer endurance, more intelligence

Shenzhen Smart Drone V380Pro VTOL fixed-wing UAV combines the advantages of multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAV, adopts high strength composite material fuselage and the Blended Wing Body solution, which significantly improves the load capacity and endurance. Professional ground station software integrating key parameters, easy to operate;Quick-disassembly modular design that can quickly change the field operation, and greatly reduces the space for aircraft;Large space, large load, excellent electromagnetic compatibility can be adapted to most Lidar modules on the market.

Large space large load 7 kg Lidar one-step adaptation

Blended Wing Body and excellent pneumatic design which can make the cruising lift-to-drag ratio up to 8

Quick-disassembly structure reduces the capacity of the aircraft and quick outfield disassembly SMD-V380 Pro flight platform parameter