Longer endurance, more intelligence
V330pro-Surveying and Mapping

V330pro  VTOL fixed wing UAV

V330pro Long Endurance Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fixed Wing UAV system Continue the industrialized and modular design of SMD UAV products and use high-performance solid-state lithium batteries It can be equipped with orthophoto camera, tilt camera, multispectral camera, hyperspectral camera and lidar; Equipped with high-precision differential GNSS board and standard RTK / PPK, it supports high-precision POS assisted aerial triangulation, and has the ability of 1:500 large-scale mapping without control points to realize image control free application.

High Performance Security Patrol Load System

Tilt Camera
Multispectral Camera

Lightweight composite fuselage, arm can be quickly disassembled,The whole machine can be stored in a special packing box for convenient transportation.

High Energy Efficiency, High Reliability, Low Vibration and Low Noise Engine.

Professional Pneumatic Shape Design and Exquisite Processing Technology,The performance and quality of the propeller are guaranteed.

Operation Result Chart