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V230-Individual Portable Security Patrol UAV

Individual Portable Security Patrol UAV

V230 has the characteristics of small volume, easy carrying, multi-purpose, simple assembly and convenient operation,The compact body design allows it to be stored and transported in a small space. It can be assembled and lifted off in just one minute.The vertical design of the composite wing enables it to take off and land vertically under a variety of terrain conditions, greatly expands the use field, and can be used for patrol inspection over forests, oil fields, highways and border lines;IP45 industrial protection design enables V230 to adapt to various adverse weather conditions (moderate rain / light snow) and take off and land in level 6 strong wind, greatly expanding the working environment and meeting the needs of all-weather operation.The adoption of high-strength and lightweight fuselage materials and the strong power provided by dual generators makeV230 can carry up to 1.2 kg of goods while ensuring flight safety.

High Performance Security Patrol Load System

10X Optical Zoom Camera
30x single light camera
Infrared thermal imaging camera

Topology diagram

Industry application scenarios